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Keyword research and optimization is an integral part of any internet marketing campaign. This article will introduce a couple of useful and free keyword research tools to the reader as well as talk about the importance of key-phrase research.

You Guide To Free Keyword Research Tools Online [Part I] – Why Does Research Matter?

There are plenty of reasons why you would like to optimize your website for search engines. For one, search engine optimization is a cheap, organic and reliable way to gain new visitors and drive in new traffic to your web-resource.

Key-phrase research is a crucial part of SEO, consisting primary of two steps. The first being, finding a “healthy” keyword or key-phrase; the second, evaluating competition in regards to your chosen keyword. Both of these steps can be easily performed with the help of free keyword research tools found online.

These apps will help you determine if a keyword is “healthy” enough (e.g. does it receive a good amount of monthly traffic? Is it relevant? How easily do visitors convert into buyers?) and will help you evaluate the levels of competition.

You Guide To Free Keyword Research Tools Online [Part II] – Apps In Focus

I would like to point out that it


is best to find some kind of guide or manual before employing these tools. You can find a couple of free research guides online (just consult Google) or take a look at the “conclusion” section of this article where I will highlight a couple of “keyword research” resources.

Google External Keyword Tool
Completely free and quite extensive, this is one

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