Why Parents Are Concerned on How Computer Video Games Influence Their Child’s Behavior

Depending on the game they play, children could also be possibly prone to epilepsy and deterioration of their eye sight. Many hours of staring at the monitor or screen of a game gadget rapidly displaying virtual images without taking breaks could impair the sight of a child. That also goes to older people if constantly staring at the screen for a long period of time.

Another health issue could be vulnerability to obesity due to lessened physical activity for the child while playing in a station rather than playing outdoor games wherein they can have good metabolism or sweat out the toxins out of their bodies. Traditional activities such as outdoor games or outdoor sports, biking, skating, or merely socializing with peers could be helpful on the health front.

On the behavioral aspect, violence is the primary concern of parents which plays a major role on influencing the child’s attitude. These games often have psychological effects on Gaming gadgets  the young minds of innocent kids. They have the tendency to be ill-mannered, temperamental and arrogant. They practice their defensive attitude as what they get used to be every time they play these violent games.

Their mind-set is basically focused on what they are used to, thus, influencing them to react violently in every scenario or in every challenge they encounter. Children tend to live within their own virtual world, adapting to the culture of the war scene. Social interaction could also be an issue since the child never experiences mingling with other children but instead choosing to be stuck there in one corner, enjoying the virtual activity which halts the development of the brain and hinders them to live a normal, healthy life.

Parents should therefore find a way to interact with their kids, play these virtual games with them once in a while, as long as they are being guided on the virtues of life.



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