Which Keyword I Choose to Start a Marketing Campaign, “Make Money Online” Or “Earn Easy Money”

There are generally four steps to do the keyword research for any kind of niche. I use one site which is promoting a legit online business opportunity as an example. Because we know that market is saturated and hard to compete with aged sites. My way of keyword research will make new site being indexed quicker.

Step 1, See in Google’s eyes
We know that it’s all about doing online business and making money. So let’s do some keyword research in Google. You’ll find there are 192 million results about keyword phrase “make money online”, there are 185 million results on “how to make money”.

Google search results means how many pages are being indexed by Google for that keyword phrase. Do you think you can beat 192 million pages and rank on the top page of Google by using these keywords? Yes, it will happen. But it will probably take you about 2-3 years to be ranked on the top page if you want to target these HOT keywords. And it definitely won’t happen overnight.

Of course, you can use Google AdWords (run PPC ads campaigns) to promote your online business using these keywords. Chances are you will have to compete with around 13,000 internet marketers on one of these keywords. Hopefully you will get a few clicks a day if you can bid for more money (you may expect $3-$5 per click). So my question is: Why do you have to bid for these HOT keywords? Why don’t you choose the right keywords which will also bring you leads while there are much less competitors?

Step 2, use Google keyword tool
Let Google keyword tool tells you all related keyword terms and their search volume. You should pick those relatively high search volume keyword terms.

You will find the average monthly search volume for different terms. Some of them are high i.e. 14,700 for “earn easy money”; some of them are low i.e. 320 for “earn fast easy money”. However, it does not mean that those terms with low search volume are “bad” terms. Because you see the “Advertiser Competition” bar (the little green bar) for “earn fast easy money” is medium to high, it means that there are quite a few marketers are bidding for that term. It could most possibly mean to you that it is a buying keyword, which means people who search for that term are actually buying stuffs.

Step 3, double check in Google search

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