What to Pack for Your Trade Show

Sometimes, it is hard to plan for a trade show event and everything that goes into it; Especially if you have never been to an exhibitor before. Of course you are probably thinking of all of your banners, signage, kiosks and marketing materials, but you’d be surprised how many “extra” items you’ll probably end up needing. All the way from setup to take-down, you’ll need a whole plethora of items that may or may not already be on your list. Hopefully this list will get you started on the right foot!

The Booth

Materials for your booth is a great place to start as you begin to pack. This will ensure that you show up to the event with all of your marketing essentials and can have a successful show. Some items you might want to consider are displays, banners, business cards, promotions, giveaways, name badge(s), etc. Be sure to think through the entire experience and cycle of visiting your booth. For example, you will surely want to be passing out business cards of your own, but you’ll also want to be collecting other people’s too; how are you going to collect those cards? Some type of collection jar could be super handy to have in your booth. You might also want to consider the high traffic your booth is going to encounter, which inadvertently means your booth might start to look a little dirty. A small vacuum is a great item to bring to keep your booth looking fresh and presentable.


Before you finalize how you’d like your trade show display booth to be setup, consider the electronic element. Whether you need a computer monitor or television to show something, or if you have a display that requires electricity, you’ll need to make sure that your setup is situated a way that power is accessible. Don’t forget to pack all of your adapters and chargers. Extra batteries are always a good idea too if you have items that require them.


If there ever was a forgotten category when it comes to items you’ll need for your trade show event, this would be it. The essential items are usually the items you learn that you need by not having them at your first event. Hopefully this list can help you to avoid learning this lesson the hard way. Keep in mind that your booth is going to serve as somewhat of an office, so office supplies are great thing to keep in mind. Whether it is extra pens and highlighters, post it notes, paper clips or scissors, having these essentials will make you look much more professional and keep you organized!

In addition to office essentials, remember that you’ll be spending quite a bit of time setting up your booth. Having a basic tool kit, tape and rope or twine could come in very useful at some point in your setup. You may not end up needing any of these items, but when you do need them, you’re going to want to have them on hand.


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