What Is Type 1 Diabetes? – Symptoms and Causes

Diabetes type 1 is a metabolism disorder where the body does not produce insulin which is important to convert sugar into energy needed in our daily life. What happen is the immune system which is suppose to fight bacteria and foreign viruses started attacking beta cells which is the primary source of insulin for some reason.

Now that these beta cells cannot release the insulin producing hormones, the body has a hard time breaking down sugars. Insulin is important to help transport nutrients throughout the body for energy. The body needs these functions to be able to perform effectively and efficiently. Unfortunately, this does not seems to be the case with type 1 diabetes.

The main problem with those suffering from type 1 diabetes is that sugar is not transported, and this can lead to starvation of the cell, causing it to not be able to perform its important functions. Apart from accumulating sugar, the body suffers from dehydration as well. The amassing of sugar would cause patients to frequently urinate because the glucose would simply be lost through the kidneys instead of being transported to cells. This means that the majority of victims would lose a lot of weight since the cells have no staple carbohydrate intake.

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