Wedding Trends for the 2013 Season

The 2013 wedding fashion forecasts are out! Everywhere, brides-to-be are perusing the latest magazines and runway shows to see the latest trends on weddings themes, bespoke bridal gowns, and accessories. Gone are yesteryears’ plain white linen and traditionally cut gowns, this year’s gowns are in amazing and unpredictable colours, are boldly cut, and utilise the most exotic and luscious fabrics.

Here are some of the trends in weddings and bespoke bridal gowns of 2013 for brides-to-be in 2013.

Dramatic colours

Black bespoke bridal gowns? Some may find this unbelievable, and even scandalous. However, in fall 2012, Vera Wang did the seemingly undoable-purely black or black-accented wedding gowns, and other designers such as Isaac Mizrahi soon followed suit. Just as there seems to be an endless variety to the definition of ‘white’, there are also a million interpretations of ‘black’. Black is dramatic, enigmatic, bazinga and undeniably elegant. For 2013, Vera’s signature colour is even more scandalous: red. From sultry scarlet to rich mauve, red ensures that the bride is the centre of attention, just as she should be.

Surprising Skirts

Daring is the name of the game with bespoke bridal gowns, with surprising skirts that catch and hold the eye. One of the trends that designers such as Amsale agree on is the peplum skirt. With the peplum skirt, the flounce is both eye-catching and flattering, cinching the waist and providing a pleasing silhouette. It also provides the perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour or accent. Another upcoming trend is the convertible skirt-long skirts that convert into shorter skirts, transforming from elegant gowns to fun cocktail dresses, perfect for dancing the night away without needing to change into another dress.

Sexy Backs

When you think about the bridal march, wedding guests are likely to spend more time looking at the back of the bride as they would her front. So why not give them something interesting to look at? Portrait back wedding dresses, such as those designed by Sabina Motasem, are a modern twist on the vintage backless dresses of past years, as are sheer back panels. Low-back dresses and dresses with interesting back accents are also great options. With the 2013 bespoke bridal gowns, the bride looks just as good leaving as she does coming.


According to experts, bird themes will be seen on more than just wedding dresses in 2013-they’ll be seen everywhere. Birdcages, birds’ nests, and even bird prints will be popular wedding decorations and motifs. For the dresses themselves, such as those from the collection of Baz Luhrmann, feathers in all shapes, colours, and sizes will make for unforgettable and exotic creations that will surely make any bride look like an angel.

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