Venture Capitalists Do Not Know How to Approach Real Entrepreneurs

It is amazing the amount of advice that is given to entrepreneurs on how to approach venture capitalists. In fact, some venture capitalists actually put out booklets, and do seminars to teach people how to approach them, because supposedly they are so busy they don’t have time to talk to anyone until they have the next iPhone invention patent sitting in their hip pocket.

Sometimes, I laugh at how the venture capitalists have proclaimed themselves God, and how the entrepreneurs, the great people who built this nation are somehow second rate and beholden to their whims. The reality is, if you are a great entrepreneur, venture funding capitalists will contact you.

However over the last 27 years in business I’ve been contacted by a number of venture funding capitalists, and someone needs to teach them how to approach Real Entrepreneurs. The first thing a venture capitalist needs to understand is the real entrepreneurs are quite busy, and they don’t have time for bull, and they could really care less what kind of loafers you are wearing, or your Italian suit.

A real entrepreneur, one which has built his own company would just as soon rip the Italian suit apart and use it for strips of toilet paper. VC do not impress entrepreneurs, and many entrepreneurs see them as lesser than even attorneys. Perhaps, someday a group of entrepreneurs, if they can ever find the time, need to get together and put out a small booklet, which can be given to venture funding capitalists to explain how to approach the top entrepreneurs of our time. Please consider all this.

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