Using Long Tail Keywords to Find More Prospects Online and Sell More Products

Using long tail keywords to find your prospects just makes sense. Keywords are the words and phrases we all use when we are searching online to find the information we want and need. ‘Long tail keywords’ refer to the more specific phrases that describe what we are looking for in more detail. For example, if I want information on how to make money with affiliate marketing, I am better off typing in ‘how to make money with affiliate marketing’ than simply typing ‘affiliate marketing’. This will save me time by giving me the information I need in the first search on the first or second page of the results.

This can make a huge difference when it comes to selling products and services online, as well as with connecting with your prospects based on your niche topic. By always including these long tail keywords in your article and blog post titles, as well as using them when you are on the social media sites, your prospects will have an easier time of finding you on the Internet.

I recommend using Google’s free keyword tool to find out which terms are the most relevant for your target market. You can find that site by going over to Google and searching for keyword tool external. Then, sign in to your Gmail account – sign up for one if you do not have one already – so that they will give you all of the searches for your term. Start out with the general term when you are searching, and then add words to find out exactly what people are looking for.

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During my first year working online I printed out this list and kept it next to my computer. That way I could always refer to it when I was writing a blog post, article, or short report. It also made me more aware of which words and phrases I should be using on a regular basis.

Every week do a new search, and add more words and

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