A letter/utility     addressed to the Director (Land & Estate) inquiring for
for switch of allotment of his/her housing unit/plot/apartment or his/her
share and hobby inside the Authority. Three signatures be affixed at the
utility in the front of the legal officer. (Annexure-“A”)
b. Affidavit on a Rs. 100/- non-judicial stamp paper (Annexure-“B”) duly
attested via the Oath Commissioner/Notary Public/First Class Magistrate
affixed with a latest passport size photo graph of the transferrer attested
via the identical.
C. Original allotment i.E. Provisional Allotment letters / switch letter for
relinquishment and cancellation so that new letter be issued within the name
of transferee. The transferrer shall additionally surrender the original possession
certificates, if issued for in addition delivering to the transferee.
D. Photostat reproduction of National Identity Cards of transferrer, transferee and
witnesses duly attested by way of the Oath Commissioner/First Class
Magistrate/Notary Public.
E. ‘No Demand Certificate’ issued by means of the Authority.
F. Undertaking regarding Loan/loan of condo dully attested by way of
Notary Public/First Class Magistrate/ Oath Commissioner (Annexure-
G. Photostat copy of sale settlement accomplished among the transferrer and
the transferee duly attested by means of the Oath Commissioner/First Class
Magistrate/Notary Public.
H. In case of switch of housing unit/plot/rental inside the call of greater
then one owner, a consent letter from all the co-sharers is needed to be
connected, indicating/citing the name and deal with of the co-sharer on
which the correspondence is to be made (Annexure-“D”).
I. Undertaking through the transferee on Rs. One hundred/-. Non-judicial stamp paper duly
attested via the Oath Commissioner/First Class Magistrate/Notary Public
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for the timely remittance of the final bills (if any) affixed with a
ultra-modern passport length photograph graph of the transferee attested with the aid of the equal.
(Annexure –E).
J. Transferee will pay Transfer Charges as in step with (Annexure- F). CVT or any
other government taxes might be paid by means of transferor (allottee).
Note: – Cutting/over-writing inside the contents and partially handwritten/ typed
documents will not be standard.
2. Procedure to Obtain No Demand Certificate (NDC).
In order to achieve the NDC for the due payments the allottee / owner of
the housing unit/plot/condo has to apply individually via his/her
representative. NDC shall be organized by way of the Allottee Services Cell after having
endorsed through Finance Section and handed over to the proprietor at the time of execution
of switch documents.
Three. Time for Submission of Documents
The switch documents besides the documents attested overseas by way of the
Embassy/High Commission will be submitted within the office of the Authority inside
30 days of the execution / signing of the documents. No extension of time for
submission of documents might be given.
4. Procedure to Find out Dues and Deposit Dues
a. To confirm and understand approximately the quantity to be paid, such allottee / proprietor
shall make an utility in writing in my view or thru his agent.
B. Allottee Services Cell will get the printout from the Computer giving all the
dues which include the Transfer Charges, if so, required to be paid. This print
may be in triplicate. Dues can be deposited ideally within the Authority’s
financial institution and authentic deposit slip can be produced to PHA Foundation or a
call for draft of same quantity in favour of PHA Foundation drawn on
HBL Corporate Branch, Islamabad.

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