The Tea Corner, Prayer Closet, & A Free Gift For The Holidays!

While going through my e-mail this week, better known as ‘speed-deleting’, I came across a wonderful article that caused me to be amazed at the many similarly and comparisons to a project of mine. The article is titled ‘Have You Made Your Indoor Tea Corner Yet’ by Jenny Wells, the ‘Tea Party Girl’. Ms. Wells expressed that she needed some small private space within her home away from all the hectic world. She also suggests that most of us have the very same need to create some small ‘corner’ of private space in our homes for ‘hibernation’.

My project that I refer to is the one I’ve spent the last two years trying to promote. I have written articles, have had various sales rallies and promotions all suggesting the very same idea as Ms. Wells, with just one small twist. We at OLIN have had the honor to publish and retail an e-book titled ‘The Call to Prayer and a Return to the Prayer Closet’ by an anonymous Christian author. The main focus of the e-book is to convince the reader, Christians world over, to create some small space in their home for prayer and mediation called a ‘prayer closet’. Do you see the comparison? I can only hope that Ms Wells receives less of what we’ve often faced. I do hope Ms. Wells isn’t called ‘crazy’, ‘silly’ or appearing ‘toooo much like a tea drinker’! After all those are the very same we have faced over the last couple of years, while we suggested an in home relaxing space of refuge and hibernation!

The copy of Ms. Wells’s article I looked at had many comments from readers all across the globe, all praising her for a great idea. Many had written to express just how wonderful their new ‘space/pantry/tea corner’ is or will be soon upon completion. The newly created ‘space’ was taunted as the very best place of refuge and restoration by both, professional working women as well as home school moms. I must admit I was ‘taken back’ a bit over some of the comments because we have been attempting to convince others of very similar suggestion! As I thought and wondered why we had so many different responses, I began to understand and I must thank Ms. Wells for the difficult lesson I’ve learned by her example. Ms. Wells didn’t first intend to exclude anyone with her message. However, she wasn’t attempting to push/sell/convince the ‘tea corner’ to the ‘prayer closet’ group! This is exactly what I have been doing in reverse! Thank you again, Ms. Wells for your wonderful article and the difficult lesson you taught me!


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