The Power of Blogs For SEO

Aside from pay-per-click campaigns there is no sure way to guarantee quick results for natural search engine rankings. There may be some devious methods (I.e black hat techniques, keyword stuffing, link farms, etc) to trick search engines and gain some short term results but it will likely be unqualified traffic and you run the risk of being blacklisted by search engines. If you want to rank better in search engines for your choice keywords the best place to start is with a well programmed, frequently updated blog of valuable content. This is direct advice I received from Google – Good content targeted towards your audience is the best search engine optimization technique Tool-2.

There are many things and tactics to consider when trying to improve search engine visibility but something you can do on your own that will deliver tremendous value is starting a blog. Search engines tend to ignore static websites that don’t offer fresh content on a regular basis. Bots that crawl the web are constantly seeking new information to index so give them what they want and you will be rewarded with more pages and mentions of your organization being displayed in results.

But, make sure the blog content is valuable. Your audience is seeking information to solve a problem or educate them about something, so don’t use your blog exclusively for company news, opinion pieces, self-congratulation, or event notifications. It’s alright to have some of this stuff in the blog but if you want to really leverage the power of blogs for search engine optimization then produce insightful, knowledgeable, and helpful articles that your target audience is seeking. Research is actually the primary activity carried out on the web. In fact, 70% of all internet activity starts with a search and this figure climbs to over 90% when talking about business usage. In addition, almost every blog post is indexed individually by search engines so it helps increase your chances of being found when people search on a variety of topics relating to your chosen keywords.

So if you had to ask me what the best way is to get listed well in search engines, I would have to agree with Google – Good content targeted towards your audience is the best SEO technique. Besides, it’s also the best way to showcase all that knowledge you have swimming around in your head. Write it down and share the wealth; somebody is sure to appreciate it. To quickly get started consider using free tools like WordPress, Posterous, or Blogger. You can be rolling with a blog in less than an hour.

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