The Family Dry Erase Calendar – Try the Versatility of Dry Erase

Have you tried using a family dry erase calendar? It’s a very versatile way of keeping track of appointments and plans for everyone at home. If each person has their own color marker, that helps keep things organized. Of course, families come in all sorts of combinations, and such a calendar would also be useful for college roommates or any other group of people.

Dry Erase Calendar, Paper Wall Calendar, Date Books, or Computer Calendars?

A dry erase calendar for families is particularly handy because everyone is always changing their plans around. It’s so easy to move an appointment from this Tuesday to next week, or to write in tentative plans and then erase them if they don’t pan out. A drawback is that you have no record of what happened several months ago, but you can take a digital photo of any given month before erasing it.

If you use a paper calendar for the year, it is likely to become something of a scribbled mess, though it does have the advantage of providing a record of the year if you want to keep it. It’s also easy to write in events for a long time period, such as all the kids’ sporting events for the soccer season.

Date books have their uses for individuals. Indeed, many people find them essential. But if family members need to know of each other’s plans, some sort of wall calendar is going to be needed too.

Calendar software or personal information managers on computers offer the same versatility as a dry erase product, but when the computer is turned off or the laptop has gone off to the library with its owner, there is no access to the information.

Whatever products you use, it is a good idea to give your children a good grounding in knowing how to organize their plans. Their lives get hectic already. The dry erase products are very popular with children.

How Long a Time Period Do You Need?

You can get dry erase calendars for one week, one month, two months, three months, six months, and for the academic or calendar year. The longer time periods are not so useful for writing many events per day, unless you get a really large one. If wall space is at a premium, the paper calendar may win out for that reason. Some families like to use two one-month calendars, rotating their positions each month so this month is always to the left and next month is always to the right.

Where to Put the Calendar

There is little point in having a family dry erase calendar unless it gets fully used and becomes an automatic part of everyone’s planning habits. This means it needs to be in a very convenient place in the home: the kitchen, a central hallway, and the dining room are all good candidates. Decide where you are going to put it before you get one, so you know what size will fit.

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