The Efficient Ways to Count Words in HTML

From time to time we need to count words in HTML. It’s part of the job for many people. Fortunately, there are many types of online solutions out there that help you on this. Some of them are free and cater huge word counting service (sometimes up to 1 MB). There are paid forms as well. But no matter what, using those is pretty easy. You don’t need to do more than clicking ‘browse’ and ‘count’ for selecting files and counting. HTML is not the sole file format these services cater. Besides text, usually they also count words that are in HTML, XML and CSV. And they count words, characters (which could be with or without spaces) and Asian characters. It shouldn’t be much a problem finding a solution that deals with non-Asian words, as well. In general, word counts imitate those that are provided by Microsoft Word to the extent that is possible.

The good news is that, the idea behind online word count is pretty simple. The free yet efficient online utilities help you in getting accurate word counts for a variety of file types. But before you use any of those free services, do check for apparent weaknesses. For instance, some online tools won’t deal with Microsoft Office files. And you must also stay away from those tools that require you to download something. Those days are gone when you needed to download software tools for your task. Now the majority of the online software tools, especially the ones meant to count words in HTML, don’t require that the users download anything. And many of these efficient tools are suitable for using on any type of platform that has an updated web browser.

Privacy and confidentiality is yet another thing to consider, though. You are entrusting the online word count tool with your HTML pages, which might very well contain classified information. So do check what kind of privacy policy they have for protecting your interest. At the flipside, the online tool for counting words in HTML must not require that you upload anything. At least, it must not store what you have put through their system for testing. In plain words, you can trust only those word count services that strictly limit their services in counting words in HTML. Further processing is to be considered as a breach of contract and your privacy. In the same way, they must not save any kind of data. And don’t go for those word count services that leak your valuable info in the name of ‘analyzing’ it. The bottom line is that you should use only those online tools that refrain from transmitting anything. Be sure that the files that you upload goes to their temporary directories for further processing and are immediately deleted when you are done.

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