The Down and Dirty Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic With Social Marketing

When was the last time you were at a party? Well for me it was 2 days ago. We went over to some friends house for a house warming party. Many people there I knew, and many were new. But as the party went on we got to know the new people and they turned out to be great.

I stepped back for a bit and noticed something. Everyone was interacting with each other with out any problems. Telling each other stories and marketing ideas. onzepagina OK yes, it started off as a network marketing opportunity party. But by the end of the night everyone was sharing ideas on how to build there network marketing business better.

Social marketing online is the same process. When we think of social marketing we usually think of Facebook or twitter. But is goes beyond just those 2 sites. Your blog is one of the best social marketing tools you can use.

Back to the party for a second. Everyone was getting along because we were just sharing ideas and stories. No one was talking about the opportunity or how great the products are. We just spoke about how to build a bigger downline using marketing strategies online.

This the same process you want to take when working on building traffic to your lead capture pages using social marketing.

Social marketing is about interacting with others and leading with value. Use websites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, reddit, LinkedIn, and your own blog.

Your marketing social campaigns start with your blog. Create an article for people to read, then let them comment on what you just wrote about. This is the start of your party like social interaction. Let people express different ideas on your blog. This can help them and yourself. Always be thinking about being casual with your readers, just like you would be doing in the real world.

Building a relationship with your followers is going to the be most important part when you start using Facebook and Twitter. People love to hang out on these 2 social media websites. No one wants to be sold and hate salesmen. Don’t be a salesmen. Remember this social marketing. If you don’t build a relationship, then no one cares about your opportunity. Your network marketing opportunity is something you talk about later after you build the trust.

As you are working on your social marketing on Facebook interact with people on your wall. Post your link to the article you write each day. Give valuable content on a new strategy you just learned. Tips and how to’s are the stuff people want. Become a social marketing master by giving huge amounts of value to others.

The last thing I want to give you in regards to social marketing is build a following of people in your target market. Other network marketers are my target market. I spend my day trying to get followers of other network marketers.

On Facebook all you have to do is search for “MLM” or “network marketing” and send a friend request. Twitter will be the same process. Search for people in your target market and follow them. Once you get a huge following of people from your target market it makes it much easier to get their attention. The content you create will be talking to these people.

With all this new traffic you built using social marketing what are you going to do with it? Its time to generate free leads that you can build a huge downline, in your MLM business.

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