Survival Skills That Create a Quality Life for Those in a Challenge

Struggles have the ability to force you to tap inner resources and deal with the moment consciously. Any time you enter that moment, you automatically open yourself up to be taught profound lessons. The teacher of these lessons is ‘the wisdom of your body.’ If you learn how to use this inner wisdom, you will be at the height of your ability to survive any struggle.

The most significant factor is developing how to Survival Skills  change your self-image. Since our thoughts are influenced by our self-image, having a positive self-image allows you to interpret your life from a conscious perspective. When you don’t consciously develop the habit of connecting to your positive self, you find yourself falling back on old habits that were not always consciously conditioned. For instance, if you go to a doctor for a serious health problem, it is very important to hear what he has to say. You have to listen from a state of mind that is not anxiously dealing with your problem. It is important to put aside old thought patterns, so you can hear exactly what the doctor says.

The quality of life does not depend on the health of your body; it depends on your focus. To deal with a challenge you cannot control, you need to develop habits that control your focus. When you are in the midst of dealing with your challenge, it is not the easiest thing to stop and think about what you have to do. This is where consciously conditioning your mind is really important. Important decisions will automatically be made based on your past conditioning, but your past is not always your best resource.

For instance, veterans with PTSD might return to a family where one member has a health crisis. This would not be the best time for them to focus on symptoms of their post-traumatic stress, because tenderness is a better medium than anxiety to share with someone who is sick. One veteran who suffered with PTSD named his negative self “angry” and his positive self “love.” His wife got cancer and it is easy to see that the best perspective he could interact with his wife from was “love.”

When you develop life skills, you develop yourself. Developing life skills helps you deal with healing, but those same skills exist throughout life in every challenge you face. Once these skills are developed in your mind, they become integrated in everything you do.

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