Success in Article Marketing Is All About the Right Titles

Article marketing is one of the biggest source of traffic for a lot of people. But the problem with this is that not everybody knows how to optimize your article marketing efforts in order to get the best results.

You might be writing excellent articles amazingly good in quality but if they are not getting the kind of traffic they should then these are of no use.

How is it that you normally decide if a book is worth buying or, not. 95% of people would say that they do it just by looking at the title. This is precisely what is taught to anybody learning copywriting. A headline that will attract will ensure that the content is read. Similarly in case of a book, even an ebook, people will judge the contents just by reading the title. It is also true that most of the books are sold just because of their title. The title of the book can make or, break the book’s success.


Is the above concept true with articles? No it is not. Articles target a specific audience. This is an audience who has interest in them. They were there searching for it at the first place. They need not be pushed into reading them. Hence your articles, if you are serious about article marketing has to get the visibility to both your existing as well as your potential readers.

One another fact about articles is that unlike books which is available at any book shelf and somebody just browsing through will find one of this choice from the title of the book, articles are picked based on an interest and because somebody searched for it. This means that either it is in front of them or, it is not unlike a book.

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