Social Media Marketing – Its Growth and Its Many Shades

The concept of social media marketing is of recent origin. It was something unheard of till a few years back. Before the pre-internet era when business was less globalized and restricted to offline markets, the marketing principles too were strictly conventional. But with the jump in online shopping and e-commerce following the internet wave, social media marketing has not only become recognized but it has also become indispensable. Without social media services, an organization cannot expect to make heavy inroads in this competitive market. Such form of marketing ensures more businesses for you so that your company can withstand economic turbulence and can find a place for itself amidst hundreds of rivals.

Ever since the internet has taken the world by storm, seo dubai setting up an online store has become a child’s play. However, there is a difference between offering something for sale and actually being able to sell. While anyone and everyone can create an e-commerce website and put up his products or services for sale, in order to affect them it is important to get necessary eyeballs. There is something called a search engine and if your business is not adequately optimized, you are unlikely to get enough hits. A non-optimized site is quite likely to run out of business before long and unless the owner takes professional help of an SEO company, he will have little option but to close down the business.

There are various social media channels which can instantly bring some eyeballs to one’s online business. Facebook is counted amongst the most effective channels since it is used by millions of people from every part of the world on a day-to-day basis. At the same time, it is also used by people of all ages. But there is an art to marketing, as any expert would tell you. You are not the only one out there trying to sell something or trying to promote it through Facebook. Creating a Facebook page in the name of your business or merchandise is easy, but getting likes and a serious number of followers is a job which should be best left to professionals having an expertise in social media. These professionals are aware of the various nuances of such social sites and can work assiduously to catch the eye of a targeted audience which has an interest in your product and service.

Twitter is another key social media channel and is the faster and shorter cousin of Facebook. Though it is equally popular as Facebook, here the promotional posts are encumbered by word-limit. Plus, the attention span of the twitter audience is lower than that of the Facebook audience. So once again, custom-based strategies have to be built so as to create an impact.

Mobile marketing is also enjoying the limelight. Now that people are getting armed with SmartPhones, we are observing a trend wherein more and more people are accessing the internet through their phones. Mobile website marketing is a different ball of game as here the website has to be remodeled to create font style and design appropriate for the mobile-using audience.

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