Requirements For Foreign Travel – As Unique As the Country

You may think that all international passport requirements are the same but they can be as different as the country you are visiting. It is vital that you investigate the rules and regulations that apply to the entrance into and return from whatever country you will be traveling to. We have listed some popular destinations here that all require an official passport for entry or return with the exception of Mexico. Our border countries as well as a few nearby accept a passport card in lieu of an official passport but only when travel is not by air. All air travel requires an official passport united travel.

When traveling to the United Kingdom, you must be aware of the rules that govern entry or the need for a visa. A five-tier system is used by the United Kingdom to determine a visitors need to obtain a visa. The first tier applies to “highly skilled” workers such as a chemist and does not require a sponsor. All other tiers, however, do require the visitor has a sponsor in the United Kingdom. Tier two affects “skilled” workers such as teachers who have been offered employment by a company based in the United Kingdom. Tier three relates to “low-skilled” workers such as construction or restaurant type employees who have been invited to fill positions with a specific purpose, for a specific project or due to a shortage in a particular field. The fourth tier relates to students and the fifth to temporary workers which would include musicians traveling to the United Kingdom for the purpose of a concert. The sponsorship provided to these last two tiers would be from an educational institution or a business within the United Kingdom.

A trip to Mexico give you the option to present a passport card or official passport but only if you are not traveling by air. All air travel requires a regular official passport. When a child is accompanying you, written parental consent with a notarized signature from both parents must be presented. The companions traveling with the child as well as the destination, travel dates and purpose and airline must also be indicated. If traveling with a parent, proof of parental relationship must be provided in the form of a birth certificate and it must be an original document. If your travel is for more than 72 hours and will be located outside the “border zone” which is an area more than 30 kilometers from the boarder, a tourist card similar to a visa will be issued. The cost for this document is usually included with your air fare.

Travel to France requires a visa if you are planning to stay longer than 90 days. It is also imperative that there are more than three months left prior to the expiration date of your passport.

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