Producing the Definitive Landing Page

There are some important steps that need to be taken to produce a successful landing page in order to have a busy website and achieve the results you seek.

Ensure that the headline on your landing page refers as closely as possible to the place where your site visitor came from, or the advertisement copy that initiated their click. The language should be matched as closely as you can, but is even better if it is exact. In this way anyone visiting your website will be kept engaged.

Always write in the second person by using you and your. Nobody is interested in you, your company, or even how what you may offer might benefit them, but will be interested in how your products and services benefit him or her.

Whatever you write on your web pages, ensure that you write in a clear persuasive way, but not showcasing your own creativity or clever phrasing. Your business website is not a personal expression of you and your creative writing.

When creating site content, err on the side of caution by thiết kế landing page sáng tạo writing a little more than you think you will need for the first draft because its easy to pare this down later, rather than trying to pad skimpy copy. People will be prepared to read longer copy providing the content is strong, but of course not all services or products require the same amount of copy. For a general rule of thumb, write longer copy when you want to close a sale and shorter copy for signing up for a subscription or something that may not require a cash obligation.

Be very clear in your goals, building from your headline. Do not include divergent thoughts. Concentrate your key points to the beginnings of paragraphs, as most visitors will be skimming through your copy, so make it easy for them.

Make your initial paragraph very short, no more than one or two lines long, but from here on vary the paragraph line length, as this helps to produce visual variance, making it more interesting to read your copy.

Design your page initially on a piece of paper so that you can frame out where you want your text, navigation and various design elements. Think about how much of your website content will be seen initially on the computer screen. It is perfectly acceptable to make longer pages so that visitors scroll down, but if you do this, ensure that you repeat essential calls for action.

When you have produced your landing page, take a long hard look at it, removing all extraneous content, including visual clutter and any unnecessary navigation. You need to have your visitors focussing solely on your copy content and the offer you are making.

You should ask only for sufficient information to complete the desired action or sale. Your landing page is not the place for a marketing survey, for example.

All design elements are essential, including audio, video and other interactivity elements and everything deserves a second look to ensure that it is producing the desired effect.

Carol Forrest is the Managing Director of Webs Galore Limited which is a professional website design agency specialising in the creation of cheap and affordable website design for small and medium sized companies.



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