Plastic Food Containers – Why Clear Plastic Food Containers Are Best for Businesses

Many businesses need containers for displaying their merchandise. Depending on the merchandise one is displaying the choice of container can have a huge impact on how well the merchandise sells. For displays with food items it is always best to pick a clear plastic container.

PVC and PET (or PETE) clear, wide-mouth plastic jars work well for displaying food in business or retail applications.

Plastic containers and bottles that are FDA approved are considered food grade plastic. A plastic container that is made with a tamper evident or threaded neck finish is best. It is important that the container comes with a tamper evident seal not only for the freshness of the food but also as a security measure. Having this seal gives the customer the added peace of mind that nothing dangerous has come in contact with the product since the manufacturer has shipped it.

Why is PET a great choice for food storage?

PET is a great choice for food because it won’t leave any chemicals or aftertaste. It is environmentally friendly, green and biodegradable…which are features many consumers and customers are looking for. PET is also a good barrier for other foods that might be exposed to contaminating elements. With PET containers food will be safe from moisture, dust and gases that might destroy the food product inside.

Food containers should also be made of clear plastic because food stored in them will be much easier to see, merchandise and thus sell. Clear plastic looks cleaner and less dull giving the retailer the chance to display the product without distraction. The product should stand out, not the container. Clear plastic containers are less intrusive and make the best choice to increase sales.

Because PET plastic is lightweight yet very durable it is a great choice for a retailer who is concerned first and foremost with the integrity of the product. If food were stored in plastic that could easily crack this could lead to eventual contamination of the food, and serious consequence for the retailer. It is important for the retailer to use as strong of clear plastic as possible. The most important thing for the vendor, when selling food products is, the freshness of the food.

With all of the reasons, PET plastic is the best plastic for food containers in business and retail applications and is the material that can be counted on to hold up even under high impact making it the best choice for your food related products.

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