Online Speed Reading Tools And Techniques

Online speed reading is a technique that enables you to read fast. It has many advantages and can greatly improve your personal as well as professional life. It enables you to read books quickly. A novel that may have taken few weeks can be completed in few days. Similarly, you can also read official reports and other corporate communication stuff very quickly. It helps in saving time. Not just that, reading improves your knowledge base too. When you know to read fast, you can imagine the rich knowledge that you will accumulate. Speed reading is a simple technique that can be achieved at home with this online method. The process is easy to understand and implement. You would just require some regular practice. A consistent effort is of paramount importance when you learn the online speed reading technique. Here is some detailed information about this method of reading.

How it Works

Here are some easy steps that can help you master the technique. It will not only help you to read fast, it will also improve vocabulary. Speed reading is a mechanism that can be learned and mastered with consistent efforts. The below-mentioned step-by-step guide will help you achieve a good reading speed.

Structure: Written literature usually follows a structure. It has an introduction, body, and conclusion. While reading, you can simply read the introduction and conclusion to get an idea about its content. This will reduce the time that you spend on reading the entire article. Also, you could read in between lines to look for content that is bold or highlighted.

Chunking: This method of online speed reading calls for chunking words while reading. When you club words together, it becomes easier to read rather than reading one single word at a time. For instance, have you noticed how you react when you see a group of people? Usually, when you look at a few people standing together, you chunk them and look at them as a group instead of an individual.

Hand Motion: Do you remember how you used to read as a child by placing a finger on the text. Try using the same technique for speed reading. When you place the finger, it helps you to move your eyes quickly and this helps in fast reading.

Word Skipping: Online speed reading can be achieved by skipping words like “the,” “a,” “an,” “and,” among others. It is OK to skip such words if you want to improve your speed. Once you learn to skip these small words, it will naturally increase your pace and you will be able to skip few more words.

Vocabulary: When you improve vocabulary, it helps read faster. This is because you do not have to spend time on thinking about the meaning of the word. When you know the meaning, it is a lot easier to comprehend the content quickly.

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