Online Reiki and the Reiki Symbols

Traditional Reiki uses three main symbols and the addition of a fourth at the master level. There is a lot of information about Reiki onlinea. Reiki ahas evolved over the years and there are new symbols appearing along with the types of Reiki. Reiki online sites provide information about the Usui or traditional Reiki symbols and this article provides an overview of their meaning. Reiki online resources also provide information about the new Reiki symbols that have evolved more recently.

The first traditional Reiki symbol is called Cho Ku Rei  alesco  and this symbol brings power to you. It is translated as “Put all the power of the universe here”. This Reiki symbol is used at the beginning of every treatment and it serves to boost the Reiki energy flow. To concentrate the energy to a specific area, the symbol can be drawn or visualized. Practitioners of Reiki also use the symbol at the end of a treatment to close and seal the energy.

The second traditional Reiki symbol is called Sei He Ki. This symbol corresponds to emotional healing or mental distress. It translates as “God and humanity become one”. In the treatment of emotional, mental problems and addictions, this symbol allows blockages in these areas to be removed. It can be of great use when treating stress, fear, and more. Remember physical problems are usually associated with an emotional or mental source. Reiki practitioners believe that through the treatment of emotional causes of distress, physical ailments may also be treated.

The third traditional Reiki symbol is called Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. This symbol is the distance symbol. It is translated as “May the Buddha in me connect to the Buddha in you to promote harmony and peace”. This symbol can be used to conquer distance in providing a Reiki treatment. This Reiki symbol’s use enables you to send Reiki treatments to an individual that is far away from you. This is a powerful Reiki symbol and not taught to students until the second level.

The final symbol in the Usui Reiki is the Master symbol; it is called the Dai Ko Myo. This Reiki symbol is passed to the student that is studying to become a Reiki Master. It translates as “Great being of the universe shine on me, be my friend”. It serves to intensify the Reiki energy, making you the most effective that you can be. Your connection to the universal energy is strengthened, and it also increases the intensity of the other symbols.

The traditional Reiki symbols are a powerful part of the Reiki treatments. They are passed on to the student of Reiki by the Reiki masters as the students study and move up in the atonement process. These symbols are not to be taken lightly and the Reiki online sources cannot provide you with all the information you need to use the symbols. You need to take a Reiki course from a Reiki master to fully understand the symbols. Reiki online information about Reiki courses is also available.

The traditional Reiki symbols are not the only Reiki symbols as Reiki has grown and expanded to include others, and the descriptions and translations provided in this article are only meant to provide you with a feeling of the power and excitement that awaits your journey to become a Reiki practitioner and hopefully a Reiki Master. Like all journeys you must take the first step and begin studying.


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