Nine Ways to Increase Backlinks and Get Indexed Fast

You’ve written your info product. The web page is done. Your autoresponder is primed and ready to go. Now what? You need visitors, that’s what. You need to get indexed fast. But how?

This informative article shares nine methods to Wat zijn toxic backlinks? increase your backlinks and get indexed fast. Because backlinks (incoming links to your website from reputable sources) are a key index of search engine optimization – which means high ranking on the search page.

1. Article submission. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. And I’ll be saying it for some time yet. Article submission is the tried, tested, and proven way to achieve backlinks and search engine ranking. Don’t argue. Just listen to me, OK? (There – don’t I sound like your Mom?)

2. Link baiting. This rather unattractive phrase means creating something that naturally attract backlinks for your web page by getting people to talk about it. This could means discussing it on forums, or blogging about it, or posting on social networking sites.

3. Forum Participation. This is the fun part. You know how to identify relevant forums (No? Google “chosen niche + forum”) and go from there. But make sure you’re genuine and contribute usefully. Don’t be a troll.

4. Blog commenting. Again – this is interesting to do. It is simply amazing how many bloggers there are out there with something to say on your chosen subject. Especially teaching dogs how to bark.

5. Social Networking Sites. You mean, you aren’t on Facebook? Get out there. Put yourself about. Love ’em of loathe them, social networking sites do deliver

6. Social Bookmarking. This is a method to store bookmarks online so others can use them. It is becoming increasingly popular with sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious being good examples. Not tried them yet?

7. RSS Feeds. I’m not going to get technical here, but its not difficult to submit your RSS feed to directories.

8. Website Reviews. There are so many great websites out there just waiting to be discovered; why shouldn’t yours be? Step forward a website review site. Generally, to have your review included, just email your website URL to the directory. Most of them request is that you also post a link to it first. Reviews are free (be wary of you are ever asked to pay).

9. And, of course, backlink services. It’s obvious this, isn’t it, which is why it’s last. But – be careful. Like everything else, there are reputable backlink providers, and scumbags. Like everything else, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

In conclusion – lists are beguiling and can make it all look easy. Nine ways to get backlinks, ta-dah! But become familiar with them, put them into practice, and watch your page rank rise. These methods have worked for me. They can for you as well.

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