Home School Registration and Testing

The Public School Code was corrected by Laws 1985, Chapter 21, to give a system inside which guardians are managed the occasion to teach their kids at home. The self-teaching program must give essential scholastic training program including, yet not restricted to, perusing, language expressions, arithmetic, social investigations, and science. guamhomeschool

Self-teach Registration and Testing

Data on self-teach applications and enrollments will be kept by the Director of Student Support.

Self-teach understudies will be tried with normalized accomplishment tests as needed by the State Department of Education. The Research, Development and Accountability Department (RDA) will tell self-teach educators one month ahead of time as to area, date, and season of the necessary normalized accomplishment testing. Any necessary charges will be controlled by RDA. RDA will report normalized accomplishment test results on every understudy to the Evaluation Assessment and Testing Unit, State Department of Education

Locale Responsibility to Home Schoolers

Locale obligation to self-teaches is restricted to enrollment and beginning advisement. Guardians who build up a self-teach will be prompted that the District doesn’t give course books, supplies, or different assets to self-teaches. Main subjects records, instructor asset books, and different APS distributions might be bought at an ostensible expense to take care of printing costs.

The region has explicit detailing prerequisites to the State Department of Education with respect to the number and grade level of self-teach understudies.

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