Hair Dryers – More Than Meets the Eye

Hair dryers come in all sorts of sizes and variations, but instead of looking at all of the neat features of a certain dryer, you really should be looking at the heating element within the dryer. There are three popular types of dryers to choose from, including ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic.

Ceramic hair dryers are heated from the ceramic (hence the name) element inside of the tool. These kinds of hair dryers can cause less damage to your hair than ordinary dryers can. They also get the job done quicker than most other dryers out there. So if your hair is easily damaged, already damaged, or you simply do not want to take any chances, going with a ceramic hair dryer would probably suit you just fine.

A tourmaline dryer is named for its heating element, tourmaline, similar to ceramic hair dryers. Tourmaline is the best of the best when it comes to heating elements. It is also one of the easiest dryers out there, but that comes in a distant second or even third in the best features of this hair dryer. The best feature, which will no doubt benefit you completely, is that these dryers are less damaging to your hair over all of the other varieties available to you. If you want the best hair dryer that you can get, this is totally the one for you.

Ionic dryers work differently than their competitors. I’ll save you from the science lesson of how these dryers actually work, but the short of it is they produce negative ions that work with your hair to trap the moisture inside. This is a rather efficient way to dry your hair because it breaks down each water molecule individually, making it a faster way to dry your hair, despite what it sounds like. The result of using an ionic hair dryer is sleek and shiny hair. It’s the answer to most girls’ dreams.

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