FAP Turbo Developments – Do You Have the Latest News About FAP Turbo Evolution?

Recently, FAP Turbo had a new sibling enter the family. It is the FAP Turbo Evolution, and it promises to be an amazing new Forex robot trader. Do you have the latest news about it yet?

When the FAP Turbo hit the market just over a year ago, it caused more than just a stir. It caused a full-blown commotion. Its trading results were outstanding, and traders new and experienced were posting excellent profits for the new robot. Its software developers did a precise job of creating a robot that would generate consistent profits over time for its users.

But quite recently, the FAP’s developers released its new sibling, which was basically designed from the original FAP Turbo, but with specific new distinctions that make it even more desirable to own. The new FAP Turbo Evolution, nicknamed the FAP Swiss, is much swifter and even more precise in its trading than the older FAP Turbo.

The FAP Swiss earned its nickname because it only works on the Swiss Dukascopy trading platform. This Swiss brokerage is famous for its tight spreads, high profits, and pricey $50K initial trading account investment and high profile clientele. But, FAP Swiss users have been granted limited time access to a trading account for $10K.

The FAP Swiss license was granted to at least 2000 users before the product website shut down to only wait listed sign ups. The announcement posted said that this was due to issues with sorting out the brokerage and sign up processes. So, the lucky few now using it have a distinct advantage for an undetermined length of time.

But, it is quite interesting to note that even though the FAP Swiss is so much more expensive than the FAP Turbo, it still trades to make small and steady profits over time in similar fashion. So, if you own FAP Turbo, don’t necessarily worry that your FAP is now obsolete. It really isn’t. It is simply trading on a different financial level than the FAP Swiss.

Just remember that the Forex market is unbelievably large, extremely volatile, and there is no promise that more money invested actually means more money in profits. Sometimes, it means more money lost. There is no guarantee of easy profits for either trading robot. What is fairly demonstrated is that the same team of software developers developed both robots so both robots could be said to share the same genetic stock. The same creative minds developed each version of the FAP, so good stuff exists in both.

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