Different Types of the Websites You Can Build

Why there are different types of websites

There are different types and sizes of the websites, because it varies according to the types and size of the business. If the business is small it may have a small website with fewer pages but on the other hand if the business has a big size it may have a site with plenty of pages or it may have more than one web. It also varies according to the importance of the business. For example, if your business is small but often sells an expensive item such as diamond or gold, then would have a website with many pages as it would be considered as an important and major business. But on the other hand, if your business is large enough in size but is producing a cheap product such as an eating product like a candy then it may obviously have a small website with less or only with 1 or 2 pages, as it would be considered least important in the market.

Different types of websites that can be built

There are tons of types of websites but I am only going to discuss a few important and popular types. Micro site, it is type of website that only contains 1 or 2 pages and is normally used to create opt in pages, landing pages and sales letter pages. A mini site is a site having slightly more pages, like up to 5; this site is normally used by small businesses specifically to build an online presence. It contains a rating page or maybe a pricing page, a contact page, a page about their services and products and most importantly a home page. These websites are also commonly known as brochure type sites. A content site is the one what the name implies and is filled with content. For example it includes article sites, news sites and how to sites. The majority of the content sites normally offer its visitors various ways to interact with the site. You have the opportunity to comment on their articles, or to rate them and cast your votes.

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