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1. Content Link Bait – Creating content that’s educational, funny, entertaining and link worthy is hard but also very rewarding.

Quizzes and other interactive content pieces do very well socially and can earn you a lot of links if you manage to execute them successfully. linksexpert This evolution of the headphones interactive piece for example got picked up on Huffington Post, The Verge, Engadget and many more causing a swell of links, traffic and social shares.

2. NewsJacking – By jumping on popular news stories that you can link to your brand or business to is a great way of getting links with little investment.

Of course you have to be very sensitive as you don’t want to be linked to a tragedy or negative story however a great example was when Lyndon Antcliff teamed up with a music shop in Dundee to send a UKIP MEP some Bongo’s after a fairly racist remark last year which secured a lot of UK media attention and links!

3. Improve your own Website – Do something a little different with your site. Be original and make your boring pages linkworthy.

Whether you design a funny 404 page, have an interesting robots.txt file or make your about page an interactive game there are lots of ways to earn links by making your site stand out from the crowd, I wrote about lots of ways to do this and many of which we have implemented on our own site.

George Stevens



1. Publish high quality interesting content and promote to the right audience.

2. Guest blogging (high quality relevant articles on high quality relevant websites only).

3. Be Balanced: don’t use exact match anchors – I go for brand name while the content around the link gives relevance, don’t just go for dofollow links – nofollow links still indicate activity and create a less artificial backlink profile, build links evenly over time.

Lisa Irby

2 Create A Website


I don’t have link building strategies because I earn links. This is the process of gaining links by simply being helpful and providing value in as many places as possible.

I do YouTube videos, blog regularly and have a podcast. When you focus on creating free value, you will earn those links and those are much more valuable than links you build manually.

I haven’t manually built a backlink in years unless you count commenting on blogs. But I do that out of the desire to comment, not for the purpose of building backlinks.

Marc Heighway


I work with many clients to position them as experts in their industry. With so many websites crying out for content, a very simple link-building strategy has been to reach out and arrange written interviews on industry websites who want both current and informed opinion. This always works extremely well.

Another tactic that has worked well has been creating some piece of content that is controversial. My more conservative clients are not too keen on this one, but with some of the edgier brands I’ve generated great exposure and back-links via a piece of content quite “close to the bone”.

Most of all though, relationship building is a huge component of link-building. It’s all very well creating an awesome piece of content or compelling website, but without relationships to support you disseminating that information, back-links can be hard to attract.

Matt Bullas

Click Consult


When Matt Cutts posted his now famous clamp down on guest posting, SEO had to start thinking differently. We had to look at new ways to develop a link profile and devise a new approach to outreach strategies. We knew the market was going to change, and had to come up with innovative ways to use these new strategies to service client requirements.

So the question then becomes, what link building strategies are in fact most effective? Here are just some of the latest techniques that are working.

1. Social Link Bait

Social Link Bait is a new technique that is showing promise as a growth area as part of an effective link building strategy.

Here, the principal aim of Social Link Bait is to generate a media storm based of a highly captivating marketing idea and from this, social shares and general mentions link to the event and or promotion, with the aim of building a natural linking profile.

What is important to note from this type of link building strategy is that there is no specific keyword criteria or requirement for certain pages being linked to.

A good example most recently of this kind of activity would be the Coca Cola happiness machine where the Coca Cola branded dispensing machine is used to “dispense doses of happiness”.

This takes event style marketing to a whole new level, where the experience is shared between the user and the brand the benefits to both are equally distributed. Fresh, engaging, and fun, this practice is helping to drive engagement to the brand and potentially reposition it on the web to a new customer base.

2. Digital PR

Most will have heard about Digital PR, but be looking at the execution in a myriad of ways.

Here, the most important element is to remember that this is still a traditional method of PR but utilised through digital means, what changes is the scope of visibility and the development of brand awareness through these channels.

Not only would a Digital PR method be targeted at journalists but bloggers would also be considered, especially for generating links and social shares.

We’ve discussed that one of the fundamental differences from traditional PR is that there is a movement away from print media to digital, however, what is rarely considered is the scope that this gives in executing a strong Digital PR campaign.

For example, a press release is not engaging enough to bloggers but, an on page asset which can be linked to has far wider potential SEO benefits as the blogger will be more than likely to link back to the customer’s site.

A good example of this kind of link building can be found with The AA. The site’s newsroom is updated monthly with average fuel prices, not only does this get picked up by the traditional media as a press release, but bloggers have a tangible asset in which to link to.

3. Campaigns

Based on good marketing principles, snappy ideas and a penchant for thinking differently, general campaigns are being utilised across the SEO realm as

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