Construction Project Video Production

So why does a construction company need a video of their project Modernbb.

Let’s look at it from a pure marketing perspective.

1) Video is a great inbound marketing tactic. Put your construction site video on several video marketing platforms to include YouTube, ensure that the keywords are set for your target markets. Long tail the keywords for you specific area of expertise and ensure that the script and relevant questions address the keywords in the actual audio files. Let the video get found and provide trigger points or smaller conversion tactics to inbound those potential clients to your website.

2) Construction video on your website will set you apart from competitors in your market. This method will allow your website to address your strengths and play to your competitor’s weaknesses prior to doing so in a direct interaction setting. It is another step that reinforces the overall sales or conversion process. Your core value proposition (CVP), how you position yourself in the construction market; make sure your videos provide the answers, and always add a call-to-action button for more information at the end of the videos. Bring them to your website for additional information converting them into a lead.

3) Word of mouth and references are huge in the construction industry. For every construction project you need to capture some on video references from the owner, architect, sub trades and any one that will put your company in the light that will help secure that next big project. One easy way to include video is to make a Reference Reel. We know that all your prospects will prefer to talk to your construction references at some point. Do not wait for your prospects to contact your references, create a set of videos or one reference reel that will allow your marketing department and overall sales process to send out the references proactively, before they even ask.

4) Videos of your construction project and construction processes make great content for all your social media platforms. Social media users love video, especially those using Google+. Make sure that your videos find their way onto your social sites on a regular basis. You will find that your video will get shared within the social networks. For construction project sites like Linked in and your Facebook will find a substantial amount of sharing activities. We have found that twitter has been effective sent to the proper influencers and using the right #hashtags.

Those are the key points from a marketing perspective a few other perks that contribute to the overall value of the production are a) Reward the project owner a DVD recap of the project development – you can even have a company thank-you clip from your employees. It creates an atmosphere of loyalty. b) Utilize the production for safety and training efforts or after actions reviews on how to make the future process even better. C) When employees are involved in a production it gives them a sense of worth and loyalty to the company. You will find those are asked to contribute feel a deeper obligation to your company.

Proper Construction Site Video Production requires the following steps.

1) There should be a story board and/or script with a general understanding of who the target audience is. How the construction company is going to take the customer value proposition and ensure that the video addresses the needs of their target market audience. Video marketing is about information that will lead to interaction, which leads to conversions or additional construction work.

2) Once the overview is determined it is important that the videographer works with the safety officer, project manager and site superintendent to include the sub trades; so that everyone understands why the production team is on site and safety is strictly adhered to. It is important to tell the construction story in a manner that the viewer can understand and how your company performs on site. The video also needs to showcase that you are a Construction Company with the highest level of professionalism, offering the best craftsmanship available.

3) When videotaping on a construction project different techniques and cameras will be needed to capture the variety of project material and job performances that take place on site. Distinctive video and photo techniques are needed on construction projects. Whether you are on a seventy story high rise or doing a underground bridge tunnel you need to have a variety of methods to capture your companies construction abilities. Go Pro’s are smaller video cameras for hard to reach places, with special mounts is important. You may want to do some aerial views where a boom, drone or even a helicopter will meet the requirement. A well established understanding of how the project goes forward will allow most of these needs to be addressed in the beginning of the construction process.

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