As Seen on TV Fever in a Supposedly Responsible News Market – Part I of II

A new formula to make one’s own stimulus out of anything:

Launch anything with big time health and wealth pretenses
Buy a couples of minutes advertisement on a well known TV show
Put up the video commercial on your website, sit and relax: you’re ripping off the TV addicted folks right there…
Thanks to science and shame on selective TV programming which reinstates discrimination in content type based on race, income, demographics, gender and alike. Frivolous ads popping up on most TV channels these days becomes routine: perpetrators of such a predatory business model choose a designated product life span with estimated surge in credit card purchases before going out of business by anticipation.
To give an extent of the frustration, I will point to that unprecedented fear mongering business model from the Bush’ previous administration. Defense department being overwhelmed with the prospects of threats and insecurity of the military personnel on the war fields had no choice but hiring private guards of any business except the right ones with billions of dollars. Even at a time where the American people were insistently calling for troop’s withdrawal, defense department expenditures skyrocketed for the same frivolous pretenses… Now foreign policy is sailing towards peace and dialogue, security alerts levels go up very rare.

Business strategists behind the scam are good at reengineering so to speak… Most businesses in the online security business operate are thieves themselves, without regard to clearance issues pertaining to their staff, personnel and back end managers, providers offer to harness our informations and pretend to keep it safe from misuse.

Just a good TV appearance would give it that dose of credibility it requires near the public eye… The craziest advertisement I came across, not from my TV screen, but from my computer, dealt with being able to find “who is googling you”. In fact who would not want to know about being looked up by loved ones who care about our whereabouts? Myself, over two decades I have been wondering about what happened to two of my fellow schoolmates… Well actually if you come across such sort of psychic reading kind of TV or online offers you would better double check and refrain from trying it. For those who don’t understand how those TV ads work just some basic:

-first of all the product will always be presented awesome because owner paid money for that purpose and intend to catch up with your own money, period!

-second, details about the price are never discussed during those ads because such would refrain prospective clients from curiosity, to try it at least.

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