Article Directories or Link Directories: Options for Webmasters

While searching for optimal solutions when it comes to promoting websites, webmasters face lots of questions. Among them are questions about method of promotion to choose, time consuming factor, cost of promotion etc. The most important decision, nonetheless, reverts to choosing a method of website promotion. A common practice is to use available online resources such as web directories that provide links from their pages to the listed websites.

But even after preference was given to directory submissions (no matter paid or free), here are still two major things to consider / options to choose from: promote website through sobitech article directories or submit a request for link inclusion to link directories.

In general both ways are good when webmaster’s request has been approved positively and as result – an incoming link to website – was created.

We need to mention here that the major purpose of website promotion is to put your website as higher as possible on the total scale of high-ranked websites, in other words to make it appear among the first pages and as closer as possible to the top when search engines return to users search results for keywords requested.
Being at the top of the search results means more visitors to the website, and therefore better business.

To appear at this desired top a website needs to be known in the “online world”, which means it has to have links from other resources suggesting this site.
And here we come back to the need of having such links.
(It also should be mentioned that websites with unique and useful content with time become popular without specially organized promotions, but during the first steps in their “life” a web promotion is vital for any online resource).

Between article and link directories the simplest way would be to choose the last one – link directory. Compare to article directory link directory submission is less time consuming as it requires only brief description of the website (keywords, URL and title) to be put and of course accurate filling of the forms. Webmaster then waits for approval, and if positive – the job is done.

On the contrary, promoting through article directories requires more dedication simply because article directories accept articles for submission, not bare web links. Therefore, in order to promote a website webmaster needs to take time to write an appropriate article. The article should be relevant to the main subject of the web site, contain rich keyword pattern that will benefit the web site promoted.

Now let’s take a look at benefits from each type of promotion:

Link directory will keep only web site link and a brief description.
Article directory keeps the whole article about a chosen subject and supports it with a web link.
Let’s imagine that user comes to find specific information. What are the chances for webmaster that user reacts on short description while scrolling down a big list of other links? Now let’s analyze the same situation when searching with keywords user appears on the page where there is only one suggested link and a whole article relevant to the keywords typed..?

Link directory keeps from several to “countless” links on one page, which is less valuable for search engines such as Google, for example.
Article directory has usually one article per page. One article per page means that webmaster’s link will have its own “privacy” and therefore greater value for search engines.

When submitting link to link directory, webmaster can try to make web site description more vivid than it had been done by other competitors. However, limitations are obvious.
Writing an article webmaster has an opportunity to tell more. Here everything will depend on the webmaster abilities to make article useful and interesting to readers. A well-written article that contains useful information will create trust to its author. Included links will gain more value for users and therefore chances to have users visiting promoted website will increase dramatically.

While links in some link directories are known to be pruned from time to time, articles are rare to meet the same fate. Good articles even after years can have the same value and carry knowledge and answers to its readers.

Talking about cost, many link directories have chosen to accept only paid submissions… It is sadly to accept that after a year or so your link may disappear from those directories as a result of an ending service/subscription or just because rules of the directory had been changed.
This is not the case with article directories.

There is, however, an incontestable feature that works only for link directories submissions – an automated submission. Having a good database of websites which allow automated webpage submissions the job about increasing a number of back-links through link directories can be done in a couple of mouse clicks.

To sum up everything said in this article it should be said that there are big advantages in submitting to article directories, but there are also distinctive features available only with link directory submissions.

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