App Developers Versus Mobile Solution Providers

Let’s consider the amazingly popular and booming WhatsApp; the 5-year old company has more than 500 million lively users, and the founder signed a $19 billion possession deal with Facebook just a few blocks away from the social services office where he used to gather food stamps.

More lately, BBC’s weather application is presently downloaded by nearly 20,000 users each day, making it the company’s top budding mobile app. There is not a one-size-fits- all formula when choosing which apps will become the most accepted, nor is there a “by the books” equation when a firm is seeking a partner to build a mobile solution.

With social media apps, hundreds of thousands of games, productivity tools and just about any other app category obtainable, with thousand more launches each week, businesses setting up on building apps require working with a mobile team that comprehends the market conditions completely.


Role of Mobile Solution Providers

It’s even more complex for an enterprise-grade mobile solution. These organisations normally concentrate on, and need, more intricate mobile solutions, and the association between them and their mobile partner will generally be constant, continuing after their app launches.

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