Affiliate Marketing – The Benefits of a Successful Bonus Package

Those of you who are already in the affiliate marketing game should know by now that the secret to gaining a higher amount of sales is preparing and offering an unbelievable bonus, if you can put together a good enough bonus package, then prospects will be lining up to buy the product you are promoting from you. If you did not realize that a bonus package is important and this is unheard of to you, well, you have already learned something new and we aren’t even a third of the way through this article yet.

Bonus packages are a selection of products or services offered to your subscribers or prospects if they buy a certain product through your affiliate link. These bonuses give your subscribers more of an incentive to buy through your link, would you rather buy ‘the next biggest thing’ for X dollars off the main site or buy it through a redirecting link which will then entitle you to a video series teaching you how to use the product for exactly the same price? I don’t know about you but I know which link I would be clicking to buy this product.

So now we have established exactly how powerful a good bonus package can be, but what do you give away as a bonus package? Well, anything can be given away as a bonus, it doesn’t even have to be relative to the product you are selling via an affiliate link, although it does help. Many bonuses are usually either a video or audio series explaining and teaching the customer how to use the product to maximize the potential of the product they are going to buy or they are a select few of the affiliates past products which they believe can help boost their prospects earnings. I have even seen a few affiliates offer live support to their subscribers. Anything can be offered as a bonus as long as it gives extra value to the product for sale.

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