Advanced Anti-Aging Procedures That Work

There has been a lot advancement in the realm of anti-aging research and products. A casual visit to a local pharmacy reveals many different medications, skin care products, oils and ointments. These range anywhere from a few dollars to almost $100 dollars per product depending on the ingredients. Then we have different spa treatment techniques that have become very popular. Actually, the anti-aging industry has evolved into a billion dollar business employing hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. As we mentioned, a lot of research has been put into developing different anti-aging products. Let us examine a few that work.

The Thermage Procedure

This procedure stands on the ThermaCool technology which is clinically-proven to lift the skin and totally smoothen out facial wrinkles. This amazing technique has become especially popular with women whose facial muscles tend to sag with age. It renews the facial contours without the common laser surgery that many have come to rely on.

The procedure, which lasts about an hour, actually    Orange County Pharmacy and Compounding Center involved the ThermaTip device which emits energy bursts that go deep under the skin immediately tightening the muscle. If the procedure is repeated, the amount of skin collagen produced causes the skin to tighten thereby eliminating the wrinkles. This procedure is best performed by an expert who is able to accurately control the amount of heat energy emanating from the device. The technique has been credited with some of the most youthful appearances outside of surgery. While there may be some slight discomfort because of the heat, the device is cooled sufficiently before the procedure commences and the operator, in this case a trained physician, maintains control of the temperature.

One starts to feel a difference immediately after the procedure. The number of visits required really depends on the extent of the wrinkling and what the doctor views as appropriate. For most people however, 3 to 6 months is ideal.

Advanced Medications

Medication cremes and lotions are also one of the most popular way of getting rid of wrinkles. We mentioned that most local pharmacies sell advanced anti-aging cremes and lotion. Then there are companies like Avon and Mary Kay which do not necessarily have stores but that have many representatives that will gladly advice on different anti-aging medicated lotions and creme. These companies are known for their powerful products which can be hard to find. The representatives will also let you share samples which one can try.

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