2400mg CBD Oil

2400mg CBD Oil

We source from one rancher, one processor, one strain–a legacy Kentucky varietal full range and unadulterated. We disengage our CBD utilizing a supercritical CO2 cycle and container in an FDA-enlisted office.

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We offer a 30ml jug stuffed with 2400mg of CBD and a 15ml container with 1200mg CBD for 40 to 60% underneath winning business sector costs.


We have been included legitimately in the CBD world for as far back as 20 years and have many occasions over acquainted individuals with the distinction CBD Oil can make.


We Offer One Product


We Offer One Product/Same Density In Two Sizes


— A 30ml container containing 2400mg of our full range CBD Oil


— A 15ml container containing 1200 mg of our full range CBD Oil


Independent labs ultimately try the entirety of our CBD oil bunches, and our Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) can be seen by clicking here.


For what reason would we say we are offering CBD Oil for $.04 to.$06 per mg when the opposition ranges from $.08 to $.15 per mg? Since we care about your wellbeing. We trust in the advantages of CBD Oil, and we don’t need the overarching high market costs to restrict access.


Our two sizes are full of quality and non-weakened. We have seen the opposition offer a 500mg or 800mg item in a 30ml container. A full dropper from a 30ml jug with 500mg of CBD is just 16mg, while a HALF dropper of Amara from either bottle is 40mg of CBD.


2400mg CBD Oil Full Spectrum

That implies that CBD has more than CBD. There are more than 100 diverse cannabinoids and terpenes in our oil. What’s more, everyone is arranged and circulated all through the body by the Endocannabinoid System. Be careful about disconnect arrangements that have stripped away CBD from different pieces of the whole hemp plant.


CBD Math and Dosing

Why purchase a high “cost per mg” CBD oil that has been weakened with extra hemp oil or MCT oil that doesn’t contain any additional cannabinoids? Numerous individuals don’t consider this while picking a CBD Oil, and they are duping themselves. Teaching CBD purchasers is essential here.


HEAD+HEAL oils contain just two fixings – Hemp CBD and MCT Coconut Oil. They offer three distinctive full range qualities – 600 mg, 1200 mg — and they as of late presented a 2400mg CBD Oil, which is probably the most grounded detailing we are aware of – and they’re offering it at a value that is not

precisely numerous items a large portion of its quality.



Our oil is intended to assist you with diminishing pressure, alleviate torment, and achieve a feeling of prosperity. In case you’re searching for an elective type of recuperating, our full-range CBD oil is the ideal solution for add to your comprehensive daily practice.


* Head + Heal items contain under .3% THC


Extra data

Fixings Full-range hemp removed CBD oil, natural MCT oil.

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